About us

In August 2020, restaurant Emmer opens at Ulriksdals Värdshus. Close to the city but surrounded by forest, sea and 1.5 hectares of cultivated land, Emmer offers a close-knit dining experience created with a sustainable future in mind. 

Our chefs and gardeners work together year-round to create a modern Scandinavian menu based on what the seasons offer. Vegetables grown in our own garden will take center stage on the menu, together with carefully selected meat and fish, from responsible sources that respect nature and the seasons.

Emmer is founded on our dream of serving great food with ingredients grown right outside the window – so close that you can see the vegetables and berries on the menu being harvested in real time. We believe that food tastes better when you understand the careful work that lies behind every ingredient that ends up on the plate – and we hope you will enjoy it too!

We have a humble attitude to our business and are constantly striving to learn new things and grow within food and sustainability – so that we can make a difference together with you as our guest.

Welcome to Emmer!